About Us

👋 Hi there, I'm Marcus and I'm the developer of this app!
My wife (Maddy) and I are Shopify Merchants just like you. When not raising our young family (son 👦 aged 9, and two daughters aged 👧 7 and 👧 5), we run Little Bird Electronics and Pi Australia .

We know that running your business can be hard, so we've built automations to make things easier! If you have any questions, just email us on help@littlebird.com.au and we'll get back to you ASAP.

About our business

Our main business is Little Bird. We manufacture hobby/educational electronics in Sydney and import other electronics from all around the world. We're not a huge company, but we do have 27K products and ship 20-25K orders per year.

Given the low margins of our market, we need to be super-efficient and try to automate as much as we can. We've even gone as far as to build our own Postage Scales and Label Printer that enable us to create Australia Post Labels with one-click!

Why are you building this app (and others)?

In 2019 we had a legal battle with a litigious American Company. Thankfully we didn't lose, but it opened our eyes and made us realise the need to diversify our income. One of the ways we're doing this is by sharing the automations we've created and use with others.

What's the deal about data/privacy?

You've probably heard the line: If it's free, then you're the product! which we think is a great rule of thumb when dealing with many companies. We do have a Privacy Policy, but the key takeaway is: We won't sell your customer data to 3rd parties or contact your customers unless it is part of the service.

What other public apps have you created?

We've built the ⚡Speed Plugin which decreases the perceived latency of pages on your Shopify Store. Latency hurts sales and is mainly caused by the distance between our Australian customers and Shopify's US-based servers.

How does this witchcraft work? When your customer is on your shop and hovers over a link, the ⚡Speed Plugin requests and preloads the linked page before the customer clicks on the link. The result is that your customers feel that your site is faster. Your site doesn't actually run faster, it just feels faster because the customer's web browser already has the data stored locally.

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